Ivanka Has an Amazing Rack

A very, very nice rack. Just calling a spade a spade here. And it’s worth mentioning because young girls these days are learning that being a powerful, smart, gracious woman cannot coexist with being unapologetically gorgeous.  

When did it become cool to intentionally be butt-ugly? (Talking to you, Lena Dunham’s of the feminist world).

Lena Dunham Stretching
Lena Dunham “stretching…?”

This doesn’t mean that not all women are beautiful, because they are. But what is NOT beautiful is taking your natural God-given feminine beauty that every woman has been given, and ridding yourself of every ounce of it; giving your Designer, and your beautiful feminine image the middle finger. Flaunting the fact that you care less, and try less, than any hobo on the street while thinking that’s attractive. It’s not. Effort is attractive. Form-fitting, classy, presidential, regal outfits tailored to two impressive cantaloupes are attractive.

Future Mrs. President Ivanka Trump (you heard it here first) has absolutely mastered avoiding this inevitable pitfall of almost every “accomplished” feminist woman today:  

Our generation is becoming so busy trying to prove that women can do what men can do. Women weren’t created to do everything a man can do.  Women were created to do everything a man can’t do.

Ivanka Trump White DressLena, you’re not ever going to look more manly than a room full of men, so why don’t you follow Ivanka’s lead? She just lets those Double D’s shine, capitalizing on the fact that she is every bit as smart, accomplished, driven and distinguished as the males she works with; and to top it all off, knows they probably have a massive erection just looking at her and the girls. Most men can’t do that to their audience.

Somehow, ever so slowly, it’s become some sort of sin to be a bombshell. Think about it, when was the last time we all LOST our minds over someone simply because they were hot? Megan Fox? Margot Robbie? Those are probably the two most recent and The Wolf of Wall Street came out almost five years ago (I know, right?). The huge push for “beauty being on the inside” is an amazing principle, and true, and worth all of the effort behind it.  But it shouldn’t come at the expense of traditional, feminine beauty being recognized as a good thing.  

Blake Lively recently *laced* a reporter simply for asking her what designer she was wearing.  So, what, we can’t compliment a sexy outfit anymore?  We aren’t allowed to recognize, “you look beautiful, where’d you get the dress?”  Tearing down traditional basic laws of attraction doesn’t establish more mature, deeper moral compasses for all of us. It just makes pretenders out of everyone that acts like they don’t get a hard-on when a blonde bombshell with long legs walks up on stage with her beautiful presidential tiddies bouncing right along. 

Ivanka Trump WalkingLook, no matter your political opinion of Mr. President and his entire family, one thing we can all agree on is that they are not ashamed of who they are, or what they have.  Whether it’s their beauty (Melania, Lara, Ivanka), their lifestyle and support of their father (Eric, Jared, Donald Jr), their traditional values (Mr President), or their elusiveness (Tiffany), they do NOT apologize for what they have been given or have accomplished.  

If Ivanka was a product of the cesspool we call Hollywood (the only thing that even comes close to being as slimy as The Swamp itself), she would’ve shaved her head, gotten a breast reduction and stocked her closet full of an assortment of different colored pussy hats.  But she hasn’t.  She’s worked all of what she’s got.  And it’s refreshing, isn’t it?  For once we can look at a woman in the spotlight and think, “Wow. She’s beautiful.” As opposed to confusedly muttering to ourselves, “What the f*** is she wearing, why does she have on blue lipstick, and did she really shave the right side of her head!?…I guess it’s not about that though, so shame on me for having that thought.”

The point: it should be okay to recognize beauty again.  Not objectify, not harass, blah blah blah. NO ONE WANTS THAT.  But saying “she’s got nice boobs” shouldn’t be as shocking to read as it actually is.  So, ladies, put your lip gloss on, curl your hair, wear a push-up bra and don’t feel ridiculous, risqué, or “over the top” for doing so.  

You’re a pretty woman.  Own it.  Ivanka does.



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