The Russian Boomerang Effect

Have you guys heard about this whole Russia thing?

Trump is a Russian puppet, oh please let us redo!

Considering the Russia hysteria and constant wall-to-wall news propaganda, it seems necessary to hash out what is really happening. Why would the U.S. Congress place sanctions on Russia because of “election interference”? Why would they start an investigation? Is it based on any proof? Should we be worried about “muh democracy”? Who determined the Russians interfered? What the hell is going on? Is anybody listening to me?

Okay. So there were two major events that prompted the investigation into foreign meddling into our election: the DNC “hack” and the Steele dossier. The most famous and credible was deemed the DNC “hack”, which was a series of emails later released by Wikileaks, showing mass corruption among the Democrat leaders and an all-out effort to collude for Hillary and make sure Bernie lost. It’s credible because the emails were real and it had major consequences. The DNC Chair resigned because the emails showed how she colluded to help Hillary and damage Bernie. The emails also showed other embarrassing details about party members, donors, and proof of collusion with the media to bolster Hillary.

Instead of allowing the FBI or some relevant agency come in to investigate “who done it” (it was wildly speculated to be the Russians), the DNC had Crowdstrike, a firm they used for years, come in and tell everyone exactly what they wanted: it was Russians. Crowdstrike was later proven to be a sham and run by a Ukrainian with ulterior motives. It wasn’t the Russians at all. That was just a fabrication the Democrat propaganda arm added to the Russia hysteria to fuel the narrative. It also turns out it wasn’t a hack at all, but actually an internal leak. Seth Rich anyone?

The other major event was the salacious and unbelievable “piss dossier” released by Buzzfeed. It was released by Buzzfeed because every legitimate news outlet passed on the obviously fabricated story. The dossier detailed a clunkily-woven fiction essentially painting Trump as a Russian puppet because of compromising sex acts he performed while visiting Moscow decades ago.

This one is interesting because it involves Fusion GPS, which was paid by the Hillary campaign, the DNC, a GOP politician, and Comey while FBI Director. These people paid some professional oppo-research (read: smear-job) organization to create some story about secret Russian tapes of Trump getting peed on by prostitutes. The implication is that they’re holding this incriminating public information over him to make him their puppet…to advance Russian interests of American nationalism, I guess.

Putin Russia Puppet master Trump
The one man who controls every person on Earth with Facebook ads.

One thing not mentioned much in regards to the dossier is why the FBI was involved.

The FBI paid some embittered British agent (probably pissed (pun) about Brexit) for some fabricated dossier so that they could get a warrant from a FISA judge to wiretap the Trump campaign for Obama and Loretta Lynch. The Obama administration had tried numerous times to get a “legal” wiretap on Trump, but the FISA court turned them down. It’s rare to get turned down by the FISA court like that, which means they had nothing to go on. So the FBI paid for the fake dossier, which this judge somehow allowed the next time as reason enough to give the FBI their warrant and allow Obama to wiretap a political opponent.

Without diving too deep, the gist is that the entire investigation to find collusion by Trump with the Russians is just a fishing expedition to try to delegitimize his presidency. So why would Trump allow the investigation to go forward? Mueller seems to have some conflicts and he might actually take down Trump, right?


Let’s clear things up. TECHNICALLY, the media and Democrat hysterics were right: the Russians and Ukrainians did interfere with our election and they bought off our politicians to gain an advantage for their country. The catch is that they actually colluded with the greedy and gullible Democrats and RINO globalists against Trump.

  • The Russians paid the Democrats for 20% of the US uranium supply with Hillary Clinton overseeing it and the DOJ covered it up.
  • The Russians and Ukrainians were Christopher Steele’s sources for the bulk of the dossier.
  • The Ukrainians worked with the Podestas to lobby Obama and Hillary.
  • Loretta Lynch gave a special visa to Natalia Veselnitskaya to enter the US so that she could try to set up Donald Jr. and Manafort in a precarious situation to give further proof to the FISA warrant.
  • Evelyn Farkas, a member of the anti-Putin Atlantic Council, former Obama administration official, and then Hillary campaign official admitted on MSNBC that she had friends in the Obama administration leaking everything picked up on the wiretap about Manafort and Trump before Trump got into office. She and others felt that they had justification for wiretapping Trump and then sharing those details with the necessary media of intelligence agencies to get Trump impeached. She worked with her friends in the Ukrainian embassy to coordinate a plan to take down Trump.

So where does Robert Mueller fall into all of this? Why would Trump meet with Mueller the day before Deputy AG Rosenstein appoints him as special prosecutor to investigate foreign influence in the election? Surely if Trump is guilty he wouldn’t be okay with this.

Here’s the truth: Robert Mueller is acting as special counsel to investigate the exact people that were so desperate to take down Trump. The DNC. The FBI. Loretta Lynch. Eric Holder. John McCain. John Podesta. Hillary Clinton. And Barack Obama.

Barack Obama cries in public
Beta male shedding crocodile tears dindu nuffin.

They don’t want to advertise it, but Trump knew everything Obama had done the moment he was briefed on the wiretapping March 3rd. And he already knew about the Podestas, the DNC, and corrupt Democrats with regards to uranium to Russia. He just needed a reason to go after them.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a style of martial arts famous for using your opponents momentum against them. What better way to take down the Democrats and establishment shills than using their Russia hysteria against them and appointing a special prosecutor to investigate? They didn’t really want the investigation to be this broad. They wanted it to be limited purely to Trump. Too bad for them.

So then what? It’s just a matter of patience and keeping the media at their current level of hysteria until the hammer drops. You don’t want the rats jumping off ship yet. So Trump had to keep the charade going. Keep everyone salivating over the thought of getting Trump for the fabrication peddled by the Clinton News Network. We see it now that Mueller is actually now investigating the Democrat side of things, instead of just the Trump side of things (of which he completed). Trump just had to be patient and let Mueller actually investigate FOREIGN INFLUENCE IN THE ELECTION, because he knows he’s innocent and the other side is guilty as sin.

Hillary makes phone call from prison
“Can I get speaking fees over the phone?”

And the stuff that falls out of his scope? Like, say, the Uranium One deal or Comey’s handling of the email scandal — that gets investigated by the House. Ultimately though, the election influence investigation by Mueller will result in prosecution of the swamp rats for their corruption.

Yes, Trump letting Mueller investigate him and his people is elaborate and it’s risky, but in the end it’s simple: you just sit back and let an honest investigator do his thing. At the end of the day the risk will pay off tenfold as the boomerang comes back on the original people trying to take you out.

Concerning Trump, the Russia hysteria is a farce for the media theater. Concerning the Democrats, the real hysteria should really be getting underway.


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