Real Feminists Would Never Vote for Hillary

SO…this dead horse isn’t done being beaten apparently. Exactly one week from tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of President Donald Trump claiming his title of Commander in Chief with an inarguable win as far as electoral votes are concerned. (Yeah, yeah, we know. She won the popular vote…Not going there.)

Just a week ago, the worshipped goddess of the Left, Michelle Obama, was quoted saying, “Any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice…What does it mean for us as women that we look at those two candidates, as women, and many of us said, that guy, he’s better for me, his voice is more true to me.” She stirred the sexism pot by adding,“well, to me that just says you don’t like your voice. You like the thing you’re told to like.”

Okay, Michelle. There are an infinite number of reasons why a female would vote for President Trump, but let’s try to stay focused on the points you brought up for brevity’s sake.

The first and largest problem with Hillary Clinton, specifically from a feminist perspective, is that she actually embodies many things that feminists have been trying to prove wrong for decades. A primary sentiment of feminism is that women can do it all too, isn’t that right? That if you’re smart and work hard, you deserve the same respect that men have. That is most likely agreed upon by almost all women, feminist or not.  

However, all Hillary has proven to the world so far is that to get to the top as a woman, to be the first female presidential candidate, to be powerful – you must lie, cheat, manipulate, embezzle, and literally kill to get to the top. (I would say “sleep around” too but I’m not sure she’s the hottest commodity with that bulldog demeanor, butch haircut, and overall icy presence.)

Instagram Meme

Had she made it to the top fairly, graciously, without venom, without criminal accusations, without corruption, without multiple murder accusations, then yes, she’d be a great example of a successful woman. First female presidential candidate? That’s impressive. Unfortunately, it’s tainted. It’s ruined. It’s implied that a woman can only get to the top by being wicked, heartless, and a criminal. It is frustrating that this is America’s prime example of a successful woman in politics. Wouldn’t you agree, Michelle, that it’s counterproductive and disappointing that we, as females, have been told to associate ourselves with that?

What does it mean for us as women that we look at those two candidates, as women, and many of us said, that guy, he’s better for me, his voice is more true to me.”

To be blunt, it means we are free-thinking human beings, Michelle. By implying that all women must have the same opinions, support all of the same causes, and behave the same really likens us to a species of mammals or a school of fish that all act the same simply because we are female. That guy was better for us. Why?

Well, for one, we would like to stand up against sexual predators and rapists. I’m assuming a real feminist wouldn’t play the “stand by your man” card when the man is an admitted, convicted, impeached rapist? I’m referring to Mr. Bill Clinton, former Arkansas governor, who has been accused of sexual assault and harassment by at least 10 women. A real ‘women’s rights’ activist doesn’t condone loyalty to said rapist.

Explain to me how you feminists turn a blind eye to sexual harassment and assault being rampant among the Clintons’ close friends and massive contributors (e.g. Weinstein, Weiner, Podesta…).  Where was your friend Hillary when it came to exposing, prosecuting, and punishing these wretches? It seems these behaviors aren’t a primary concern for her, though, given that pesky trial from 1975 in which she played devil’s advocate and gave herself the reputation of someone who defends a child rapist in court. 

Michelle, stop playing into the feminist hysteria and acknowledge that we don’t have to vote for our voice anymore. We settled that argument back in 1920. It’s sad, but mostly concerning, that you have yet to understand that. It doesn’t matter if Kim Jung Un or Kim Kardashian is commander in chief, a strong woman knows her voice is relevant regardless of who is in the Oval Office.

In the words of today’s President, it’s “SAD!” that you view women to be that weak; that you think our “rights” are as fragile as a dandelion in the wind, vanishing in whichever way the electoral college wind blows. What did you think? That this was women’s suffrage all over again? That ship has sailed. The entire country has moved on. You should too.

That being said, we are going to vote for the person who talks less about “women’s rights.” Because it’s not a discussion. We have them. It’s condescending, really, to be the topic of a debate of whether or not we are important enough. It’s like being given a pat on the head and being told, “Aw, don’t worry. You matter, sweetheart…” This has the opposite effect because, if it were true, it wouldn’t need to be said. Drop it. Move on. Stop telling us we’re equal and act like you believe it – like Donald Trump did when electing a female campaign manager, female press secretary, and many other females in prominent roles. 

Michelle, the idea of oppression in this country is false. It’s a personal problem. If your feminist counterparts feel less valuable than the person next to them, male or female: encourage them to get counseling. Every woman should know their worth, and know that they’re worth just as much as the man standing next to them. If someone is getting paid less than their male colleague, tell them to go ask for a raise. Or quit. Stop crying about it.

If women want to be treated fairly, tell them to go vote for who they think stands for fairness. Oh wait, didn’t we do that already? Who’s in the White House again?


Not a presidential quote. Definitely not. But as a whole, let’s not be hypocrites. What do all of those Instagram memes these days say about real men in the bedroom? “Choke me, Daddy.” Or really any of the nonstop references to aggressive sex we all see on our feed at least once a day.

Quote Meme

And what were the best-selling books for a couple years straight…? That’s right. The 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy. Not 50 Shades of “Please, be respectful, I’m a powerful independent woman.” Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that about a BDSM Male Dominant and Female Submissive, or is it not? So, is 50 Shades actually offensive and horrific for all women, or are do we as a society glorify aggressive, violent, male-dominated sexual behavior? Pick one. It can’t be both.

It’s confusing because shouldn’t most of Hollywood and half of America be turned on by the idea of getting grabbed by the pussy? How can we as a society gorge ourselves on this type of entertainment and then take issue with that statement? Please stop pretending you were “shocked and offended” when you hear this statement. You weren’t. Nothing of that nature is shocking anymore.

In reality, we have the modern-day feminist movement to thank for numbing us to what normally would be shocking references to sexual behavior or body parts. “Rape” isn’t even a hard word to say anymore because it’s at the tip of their tongue, ready to scream into the sky when a man inadvertently bumps into her on the subway.

The mention and sight of a vagina is no longer shocking because they adorn the sleek walls of every cosmopolitan modern art museum, and were proudly worn as hats as a statement against sexual assault. (Liberals really lack self-awareness, don’t they?)

Nonetheless, Trump’s comment was inappropriate. However, an inappropriate comment made by a real estate mogul and television personality pales in comparison to any of the lecherous atrocities committed by Hillary Clinton while serving in the White House. So please don’t peddle feminism and tell me who to like, when the life and actions of the person you’re upholding contradicts every pleasant ideal you’d like to think you stand for. 

Michelle, let’s bring this full circle. You, society, the Mainstream Media, the Obama administration, and half of my generation all told us to like Hillary. We don’t like being told who to like. We have our own voice. And Trump’s voice is more true to that.


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