Shotgunning the Terrorism Beer – An Essay on Gulping Down Evil

From 970 to 931 BC, King Solomon ruled the kingdom of Israel. During his reign, Solomon’s kingdom became unparalleled by any other; and to this day he remains one of the wealthiest men to have ever lived. Ironically, the mark of this man was not his wealth. King Solomon’s greatest end, his first love, and the very lifeblood that coursed through his dominion was simple – wisdom. There was no loftier aim and no truer richness. During his lifelong pursuit of this wisdom and understanding, Solomon became known throughout the ancient realms as the smartest man in the world (picture the *original* most interesting man in the world, younger, with a tan, and a crown.) He realized many timeless truths about humanity, and immortalized most of them in poetry. King Solomon’s many proverbs are still memorized for personal growth, and referenced to make sense of culture today (I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there seems to be nothing new under the sun.) It’s shocking how relevant they are some 3,000 years later. One such proverb says this:

“A corrupt witness mocks at injustice, and the mouth of the wicked gulps down evil.

In my own vast and glamorous experience of worldly pleasure, there isn’t a more clear vision of someone “gulping” something down, than that one friend we can all quickly picture shotgunning a beer. (I say “friend” because I often find myself guilty of the trending justification “asking for a friend”…)

Young woman shotgunning a beer
Don’t care what I’ve been handed – I just want to be liked!

Ya shake it up, jam a pointy thing into the side of the beer (probably a PBR if you like fun at all) and gulp away, before the sudden change of pressure sprays the damn thing everywhere and proves you to be a lightweight – which happens to be the worst pronouncement one could ever be faced with, in this particular social context. In case you don’t have that token *friend* like I do, this type of immaturity would take place during a birthday, or a tailgate party, or after a graduation, for example.

Why are we talking about PBR and King Solomon in the same breath?

Solomon’s proverb above, and that celebratory tradition, together create an eerie picture of our current culture for me. A culture that readily gulps down whatever shaken and punctured can of evil they are handed. No questions. No critical thinking. No second guessing. After all, there are no gains to be had from pausing, compared to the glory in finishing off the beverage before anyone can blink. Why would you refrain, when you can be a hero? Why would you question, when you can be championed on the backs of people you have pleased?

Last week, an Islamic terrorist ran down a young mother on a running trail in the middle of New York City. He ran down 5 best friends reuniting together after years. He ran down a young man who worked at the World Trade Center – an only child, and his mother’s world. And he ran down a young man who had just lost 90 lbs and had served on his school board because he loved and cared for children so much. They’re gone now. They died a gruesome death when they should have been able to enjoy a beautiful reprieve from the streets of Manhattan. Their kids are left behind. Their lovers will never be the same. And their friends and family will forever be confused about why this senseless act (by a spawn of Satan himself) happened to one of theirs.

Sure is a peaceful religion isn’t it?

I highlight the profound horror of this one scenario to remind us again of the gravity of these situations. Think about the shockwaves this will send through families and communities for years to come. Why is it so easy for our culture to look beyond this? Why are the victims the FIRST to be glossed over? Why is the FIRST defense taken for the believers of the very thing that drove the terrorist to his actions?  Is anyone sick of listening to detached, uninformed, unapologetic worms CLAMOR to speak (unintelligibly of course) up for these perpetrators and their belief system?

Here’s a message for the deranged left:  Stop mocking injustice. Stop lecturing the American people about suppressing their anger towards an ideology, while they hold the bloody mangled bodies killed in the name of this ideology.  Stop waving your pathetic fingers in our faces, screaming:

“Yeah, but 57 died in the Las Vegas shooting!”

“27 died in the Texas church shooting!”

“Those were white guys!!!”

OK….AND?!?  And what? Each and every one of these tragedies is beyond horrific. But this has nothing to do with race (newsflash to the mentally stunted). Why can’t we be mad at this Muslim ape for what he did? Here is a better question – how are you not mad? How have we moved so far past sanity, that we have to defend our rejection of this murderous ideology, that we have to defend our rejection of evil?

(*FYI I also reject the ideology behind any of the recent mass shooting of innocents – but I am talking about terrorism today, so more to come on that topic at a later date.)

Everywhere you turn, fellow US citizens are down on one knee guzzling this evil “tolerance”. Thousands were annihilated on 9/11 as our World Trade Centers fell, people have been mowed down in nightclubs, people have been beheaded in their workplace, people are getting ran down on the streets, future attacks will inevitably happen…and all the while our “open-minded” countrymen will stand by and happily shotgun nonsense about accepting this religion of death. At the very crux of this plight, stand our public “servants” ready to jam a bong down our throat, proclaiming that terror attacks are “part and parcel of life in a big city” and declaring “I am Muslim too” in an act of solidarity during a time when Islamic terrorism is shaking the core of modern civilization.

Bill de Blasio stating
Why though?

But perhaps the saddest story of all, is that ultimately, much of the problem falls on the shoulders of the innumerable bystanders blindly shotgunning and gulping down evil. Those who so desperately want to be “good” and “open-minded” and “caring” become the very Pontius Pilate that nods approvingly at the next merciless attack of the innocent. It doesn’t matter that their passivity and good intentions are what kills. It doesn’t matter that, due to their own indifference, they “didn’t know FGM was rampant even here in these United States”, “didn’t know the Koran said that”, “didn’t realize they were going 20 mph over the speed limit” – at the end of the day, people are culpable for what they don’t know if their action or inaction leads to the endangerment of others. 

These “good people” mock at injustice….they are the corrupt. These “good people” gulp down evil…they are the wicked. It doesn’t matter what they say they want. It doesn’t matter what lead them to it. It matters what they do. It matters what they didn’t do. It matters that they looked on.

These willfully ignorant simpletons are who King Solomon is referencing in his age old Proverb “don’t shotgun evil like a beer.” Don’t defend a blood thirsty rodent when he laughs at the death toll of his cowardly disgusting attack, and asks for an ISIS flag to be hung up in his hospital room. Don’t stand in solidarity with the ideology that is producing these murderous maggots. Start asking questions. Stop caring about the glory of being liked. Make a commitment to truth that benefits humanity, instead of falsehood that benefits your standing in this culture. Shotgun PBR, not Terrorism.

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