Why Sean Hannity is Just Like Samwise Gamgee

Dear, Sean Hannity. Dear, Ben Shapiro. Dear, Matt Walsh. Dear, Tomi Lahren. Dear, Judge Jeanine. Dear, Tucker Carlson. Hell, dear, Clint Eastwood.

Thank you.

If you’ve seen The Lord of the Rings, it is hard to come up with a truer example of inspirational fortitude than Samwise Gamgee. Sure, Frodo is the main character, Gandalf is the savior, Aragorn the steamy battlefield hero, but none of them melt your heart quite the way he can. When watching the movies or reading the books, it’s stressful and draining enough that you feel like you personally just fought the battle to reach the end. And when you get to the end–the bitter end–exhausted, covered in blood, starving, hopeless (if it weren’t for the fact that you’d just won the battle against all odds), the person you want to turn to, and fall in their arms sobbing, weeping”THANK YOU!!!!!” … is none other than Samwise Gamgee, Frodo’s best friend and truest companion in their journey.

The times he screamed at Frodo with all of his might to stop traveling in the wrong direction, physically carrying him when he was ailing or injured, sticking by him when fair-weather friends deserted him, were all for what? For what? He gained nothing but a quiet conscience, powered by the knowledge that “fighting the good fight” is everything.

It may seem a bit dramatic to parallel the war of the end of “Middle Earth” to the moral battle ground we are in today…but it’s not. It’s not at all. What’s so different from the Orcs being mindless bandwagon murderers and the products of the ISIS factory committing an act of terror? What is of more weight than the moral direction of not only a generation, but a country, and, as a result of this country being a world leader, the moral direction of the world?

“Oh, don’t take everything so seriously, the WORLD is not at stake” {insert diatribe that is long enough to be an entire article in itself} Well, someday it will be. What we do, say, think and support today controls the direction of tomorrow’s world.

So who are these present day Sam’s? Do we have any, or is everyone a sexual predator behind closed doors and a puppet of a millionaire mobster that plays politician during the day? To a certain extent, time will tell.

Hannity CroppedSam CroppedSam Sean Morph

*This turned out much, much creepier than intended*

Scandals always come out. It’s a fallen world, we’re all sinful, and no one is a saint. But their hypothetically discovered personal temptations aside, who we go to when we think, “Hmm, that CNN headline seems REALLY OFF – I’m gonna go look at what ______ has to say about it,” says a lot about who the modern day best friends of our cause are. Sean Hannity. Tucker Carlson. Judge Jeanine. Laura Ingraham. Ben Shapiro. Sometimes Tomi Lahren (time will tell on this one, I just don’t know about her…partially because she supports abortion, but mostly because she’s too pretty).

How badly we need these people is similar to the fate of the Shire being carried single-handedly by the chosen team of dwarfs, and the few hobbits tasked with fighting a battle for the Greater Good. Yes, yes, we would like to think we are a little more badass than the hobbits back at The Shire – and when it comes to how fast we can text and how many swear words we can put in a sentence, I’m sure we’d beat their tiny little golden hearts to complete smithereens, but in reality we are no better off. Although, if they put on a kite show and had a clogging competition, I’m sure we’d be running for the hills. We are no less sheltered, no less afraid, no more involved in the fight. We have no bigger stage.

So we look to the ones that do have the stage. The role. The microphone. We look to them as our champions and torch bearers in our fight. Who do we have to look up to, and how are they doing?  “To whom much is given much is expected.”

Megyn Kelly
She even went the extra mile and got the Hillary Haircut

Megyn Kelly, for example, didn’t give us much. She was given everything. The network, the time slot, the looks, the leg up on the “young hot conservative female commentator” movement. And what did she do with it? Spit on it. Got so enamored with the mental image of her standing on that platform she didn’t even care about the message she was spewing anymore. She became a sell-out.

Many do. Many squander it. But let’s thank and applaud the ones that haven’t. The ones that I’m sure didn’t even sleep the entire year of 2016 fighting tooth and nail for that election. Defending the truth, attempting the impossible feat of ripping the curtain off of the establishment media and Clinton corruption. Literally speaking here, where would we be without them? If Hannity were not on Fox News (and even Bill O’Reilly, before he went down for his heavy petting over the years)…who would’ve been our voice? We can all scream and holler and post visceral social media posts and start our blogs that 10, maybe 20, people will read, (and all of that behavior has its place because we are ALL responsible for fighting for the truth) but we don’t lead the tidal wave movements. We absolutely support and participate in them, but we don’t cause them. So let’s thank God for the ones that have the power to drum up a tidal wave, and thank them for doing the task at hand, well. Let’s thank Sean Hannity for being the Samwise Gamgee we need to keep us encouraged and hopeful in this battle.

We all have our literary and delivery preferences and can question certain stances of each person, sure. But in this day and pre-Civil War 2.0 age (kidding…kinda) we gotta have each other’s backs out there. We have to tighten up our lines on this battle ground. We are stronger that way. We might not line up on everything. But if we’re headed the same direction, that’s good enough. For now. Similar to Samwise’s little hobbit friends riding a bunch of questionable giant trees to Mordor after this conversation between them:

Treebeard: I have told your names to the Entmoot, and we have agreed you are not Orcs.

Pippin: Well, that’s good news.

“That doesn’t make sense to me. But, then again, you are very small.”

We probably feel the same about a lot of our frontline leaders that maybe aren’t as fiery as we’d like, or have stances we don’t fully support; but if we follow Treebeard’s example, perhaps they’d be okay to link arms with for a bit, because we need all of the allies we can get. And they aren’t Orcs. Yes, it is sad that we are at this point. But we probably won’t change that, at least for a while.

So, THANK YOU, Sean Hannity. THANK YOU, Tucker Carlson. THANK YOU, Judge Jeanine (P.S. You are also very pretty…but in a trustworthy kind of pretty). Thank you, Tomi (for now). And all you other writers, bloggers, Facebook ranters, Instagram likers. Come on, guys. Bring it in. Let’s up the likes, start more blogs, rant louder, go to more rallies, vote for smaller elections. I realize this sounds like something a liberal would say but “we are stronger together.” Get behind our movement, drag people with you, and push the leaders harder. If we start this now, maybe 2020 will be an easier win than it already assuredly will be.



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