A Deeper Look Into The Pathetic & Horrifying Parenting Of America’s Mass Shooters

Your sorry isn’t good enough. Your sorry doesn’t matter. Your “sorry” is pathetic to us – to the victims, and the American people. At this point, we need to hear a plea for forgiveness. There is a vast difference between “I’m sorry” and “Please forgive me”. You say “I’m sorry” to someone you bump into on the subway. You ask forgiveness for the fact that the hellion you cultivated brutally killed innocents who should be here in the place of your demon child.

For those of you who felt the blood creeping into your face as you became upset and offended by my first paragraph…stop it. Just stop. Redirect your outrage back towards the evil-doer. Stop being a snowflake. Your kids didn’t do that. If you’re doing your job, your kids will never do that. So why does this incense you? Stop defending those culpable for evil – either directly or indirectly. Stop. If you don’t have kids, you’ve chosen not to reproduce yet, or maybe ever – presumably because you haven’t felt like you can adequately provide for, or raise and rear a child “in the way he should go”. Thank you. I wish to God the blundering “parents” of these homicidal psychopaths would have done us the same favor.

Benjamin Hoskins Paddock, the father of Route 91 music festival gunman Stephen Paddock, pictured in this photo from the FBI’s Most Wanted Fugitives archives. What we teach our children matters.

I know I am not alone in these feelings of righteous anger over atrocities like the shootings at Sutherland Springs First Baptist Church, Las Vegas, Orlando, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook Elementary School, Columbine High School–the list goes on and on. I also know I’m not alone in feelings of anger towards their parents.

But I am probably approaching ‘alone’ as I go back and forth on whether or not I believe that the parents of these shooters should be tried for aiding and abetting their criminal children in their rampage for death and suffering.

*Open invitation to sway me one way or the other on that one.*

I was born with a hellbent zeal for justice. It’s black or it’s white. It’s right or it’s wrong. It’s true or it’s false. I realize the possible pitfalls in this line of thinking. But I also realize that the love for what is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, or praiseworthy is waning in today’s world.  And for that reason, I almost feel protective over this hypersensitivity I feel towards the triumph of good over evil.

I have this image of a ball carrier that is feverishly trying to shield and protect this ultimate orb of truth, running with all their might to evade those that want to steal possession of this treasure and use it for the triumph of the other side. (Not that I am the heroic ball carrier, but I’m at least on the bench of the right team. I know, so dramatic.) All this to explain how my outright rage over the most recent Sutherland Springs church shooting provoked a previously unparalleled rage towards bad parenting.

The ironic truth is, I’ve tried to change my own heart towards men and women responsible for bringing us these mass killers. And in my sincerest efforts, I’ve been actually been BLINDSIDED with compelling reasons to hold fast to my sentiment that they, indeed, proactively sewed the seeds they would one day reap as blossomed slaughterers. And make no mistake, it was proactive:

In a 2016 interview with Diane Sawyer, Sue Klebold, the mother of Dylan Klebold (Columbine High School shooter) reflects on the life of her son. She wrote a book called “A Mother’s Reckoning”, and besides the fact that she seemed amazingly naive and removed from the apparent struggles her son was dealing with, her sincerity and transparency make her someone not to be discredited right away. I watched this interview for a good 20 minutes, and quite honestly, my anger towards her was subsiding. Until minute 20:50 where Diane Sawyer asks Sue point blank: “Do you believe in evil?” To which she answered “…I don’t think so, I don’t think I do…”

At this point the camera cuts to Mary Ellen O’Toole, former FBI agent and one of the world’s leading profilers of the criminal brain. She says this: “‘Evil’ is a spiritual term and it doesn’t have any legal or behavioral meaning, so I stay away from it.”


As long as it’s legal, we’re good? Need I remind you of the overused, but nonetheless true example of Nazi Germany? What they did was legal, so what was the problem? “No behavioral meaning?” The savage murder of children isn’t behavioral? Isn’t evil? And you’re in the FBI? Makes sense in light of other recent news of scandal surrounding the FBI, I guess.

I kid you not. Incredible isn’t it? A mother and an FBI agent literally wringing their hands, agonizing about what went wrong. Let me tell you precisely what went wrong with this school counselor’s son: his parents failed to teach him about one of life’s most fundamental truths. The truth of good and evil. A truth that provides the very framework for any person of integrity.

Let me ask this question: If there is no such thing as evil, Sue, why shouldn’t he have shot up his school? Why? If we are just cosmic globs of matter, and there is no objective morality, he just acted on his instinct, which is perfectly natural and…nothing. It’s not good, it’s not bad, it’s nothing, because nothing matters – if there is no such thing as good and evil.

In fact, why are you sitting there crying about the monster that was your son? If there is no such thing as evil? Perhaps equally as baffling is the fact that this mother looked evil (in the human form of her son) in the eye, at one point, and tried to reason with him – pleading and “talking about the 10 Commandments” and reminding him “it is wrong to steal.”


I would also ask why the hell you bothered with appealing to him with the 10 Commandments? He was right to be confused. And he was right to be hopelessly frustrated. You failed him as his parents. And through your passivity and complacency, you aided and abetted this criminal.

It’s not all too different that we also have Muslims wringing their hands over jihadists (pertinent because whatever mass killing has not been done in the name of baseless godlessness has largely been carried out by this religion.) It’s almost like a horrific relay – rabid atheist shoots up a church, passes the baton to rabid Islamist who shoots up a club, who passes the baton to rabid atheist, and so on.

Why do they do it? Well because they act on what they are being taught. So whether it’s a mumbo jumbo of nothing, or acidic instructions to kill the infidel, it’s really not confusing when one stops to ask why. The false message, and those who proselytize it, are the culprits. And these parents who teach their children falsehood, or fail to teach them truth (or probably both) are the culprit.

There are no limits to the depravity of the human mind and heart. G. K. Chesterton said this

“Merely having an open mind is nothing. The object of opening the mind, as of opening the mouth, is to shut again on something solid. Otherwise, it could end up like the city sewer, rejecting nothing.”

We teach our children that being “open-minded” is a good thing. And we fail to give them something solid. Then they reject nothing (not even cold-blooded killing) and we lament as to why this culture has become a cesspool of shit. There is still beauty, to be sure; but that is in spite of our culture and those doing the modern “teaching”, is it not?

All that to say, I appreciate Sue Klebold’s willingness to come forward and at least speak to the actions of her child – it’s much more than nearly every other parent of a mass murderer has done, understandably.

It’s profoundly heartbreaking to imagine and watch what these parents have to go through – and I don’t mean to discredit that. But it’s also amazing to me that they still reject truth. And they still wonder how this could have happened.

Forget the GLARINGLY obvious behaviors that, in and of themselves, warranted a backhand to the face, if not a bullet to the head: multiple arrests, domestic abuse (the sack of excrement that just killed 26 people at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, TX had recently hit his own child so hard it fractured his skull), animal abuse, holing up to feast on violent material of various nature, etc.

I’d venture to say I would have grabbed a clue at the first expression of just one of these, but forget all of that – they failed to teach their child that there is a moral law, that there is good and evil, that they are called to love because Someone first loved us, that they have purpose, that there are rules and principles to live by (10 Commandments being some of them – because there is good and evil), that there is a Heaven and Hell.

They failed to do all of that, and are confused about why their child was hopelessly depressed. Is it really that confusing? Horrifically sad, but confusing? No. It’s not. I am all for forgiving these parents, even though they have not asked. But let me say this loud and clear: just because it’s sad does not recuse these men and women. Unless there was a genuine attempt to raise their children according to the statutes I mentioned above, and unless there were multiple police reports filed by the parents on the dangerous behaviors of their child, I truly believe they have no excuse.

Parenting is not a joke. If you are going to half-ass it, please don’t reproduce. If you don’t know what your worldview is, please don’t have children. It is another soul that you are responsible for, after all. It’s pathetic to take that lightly. And it’s horrifying to see what that can produce. All the good intentions in the world mean nothing. All the tearful musings and questioning are sad, but for naught. If you don’t realize the reason for what happened. Own it. There is forgiveness. And teach other parents the lessons that were not taught to you.

little girl casket
“Her dad said, ‘That’s my princess,’ ” about the tiny girl who was one of the 26 lives lost at the Sutherland Springs, Texas church massacre. So, Trey Ganem is building her a princess casket to be laid to rest.

Devin Patrick Kelley’s parents would have done well to beat him to death with a shovel in their barn, rather than convert their barn into a home for him to live in after trying to kill his own baby. Parents of potential mass shooters: don’t aid and abet your children in their total depravity; ask for forgiveness for what you have created; give your children the gospel, perhaps for the first and last time; and then hand them over to the law. And if the law does nothing, you bless God better tell the people in your sphere (and your spawn-child’s sphere) that they are dealing with a heinous beast, and they would be wise to prepare to take your child’s life in the defense of their own and others.

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