Is Taylor Swift’s Album “reputation” About the NRA?

As we all know, Taylor Swift just released another fabulous album. The long awaited “TS6” was announced a couple of months ago, and fans and curious haters alike have been clamoring and losing their minds to hear it ever since.  Even apathetic annoyed misers knew it was coming, whether they cared or not.  She teased us all with a few track-leaks here and there, sending out the most non-representative songs of the album on purpose to get people talking in a way only she can do.  

After the first single which, lyrically, is a giant middle finger to Kim and Kanye, half of her fans sat down and started pouting, saying, “She’s finally lost it – this song sounds nothing like her.” She followed that release with one that sounds close enough to the first one, to keep everyone nervous, and to make them confident her album would be a huge pile of steaming crap that would be indistinguishable from a Katy Perry or Miley Cyrus piece.

Taylor Swift Look What You Made Me Do
“I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now…”

Well, way to low-ball us, Tay. Last Thursday night at midnight (Eastern Standard Time) Taylor Swift dropped the biggest banger of her entire career.  After the first listen through, her true fans collapsed into piles of happy tears and adoration of their favorite star, relieved she hadn’t gone off the deep end, and thrilled with the (per usual) oh-so-life-applicable lyrics and beats that came straight from her perfect little finger tips.

These lyrical masterpieces were penned in complete candor about her life, relationships, feuds, friends, and heartbreak, and she hits the nail on the head with every one of them.  Even if you think she’s annoying, it’s pretty hard to hate on a catchy, happy, tracklist that you know you’ll end up singing along with when you’re drunk –even if you’re mocking it. (Shake It Off, anyone?).

But, unfortunately, we all know we can’t have a good thing without the Left ruining it. Come up with something refreshing, classy, non-politically slanted, and you’re in for a beating, especially if you’re white. Of course, the prize jewel “news source” of the left, BuzzFeed, took first chair in shitting all over her as a person to ensure that this album was not celebrated, but instead was a massive social controversy. It’s their hobby. Or, as Tay would say, This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.

In the opening credits of the most recent buzzfeed article, their first shot taken at our girl is: “Move over a little from there and you’ll find Swift’s image itself — willowy, blonde, and aggressively white.” Aggressively White. Geesh, Tay…apparently you need a spray tan because you’re not just white, you’re AGGRESSIVELY white.

Taylor Swift Blonde

But I’d argue this article is quickly discredited once they use BEYONCE as an example of a celebrity that is “exceptionally skilled at toeing the line of silence, but without crossing over into perceived complicity with embedded forces like white supremacy and misogyny…”

Yeah, Beyonce. You know, the loudest spokeswoman for Black Lives Matter that there is? The one that centered an entire Super Bowl halftime performance paying homage to the Black Panthers? Yeah, Queen Bee. They quickly contradict their own point by saying that “her renowned visual album, Lemonade, is as political as it is intimate.”

Which one is it: does she toe the line of silence, or has she written a political album?

Coming in hot with contradicting thoughts, the subject changes to this non-free-thinking media puppet’s opinion that “Swift is intrinsically linked to whiteness and privilege. And in 2017, she is still absenting herself from the cultural conversation while simultaneously trying to center herself in it.”

Once again, it’s that damned skin tone! How dare she, right? I mean, the girl dares to be WHITE. And, once again, which one is it? Are you pissed she doesn’t talk about politics, or are you pissed she tries? Typical liberal, just “screaming helplessly at the sky” about NOTHING. About a pop star.

Another literary point regarding this article: the author accidentally shows their true colors when they consider the statement, “Oh, and that persistent perception (or running joke?) that she voted for Donald Trump.”  

First and foremost, using that as a reason she’s a white supremacist is pretty small minded of this obviously liberally slanted article–which isn’t the point of liberalism to be open minded and accepting? Interesting. But really, the fact that they think it’s a joke that someone would vote for him had to be embarrassing last November, and is surprising you’re still trying to make fun of the masses that chose him. It plays a scene in my head of an older sibling winning a fight, and all the little losing sibling can do is stick their tongue out and say, “Well, you’re STUPID” as their parting argument.  

Nothing to do but chuckle and let them cool off. And grow up.

I know you’re trying really hard to be a “free thinker,” but you’re grasping at straws

Taylor Swift Bad Blood
NRA spokesperson if I’ve ever seen one

here. I could easily write an article (like this title) convincing everyone that her album is about the NRA. I mean, she talks about guns in three of her lyrics saying, “We never had a shotgun shot in the dark,” or “I brought a knife to a gunfight” and “You said the gun was mine.”

Well she MUST be a LOUD spokesperson for the NRA then.  And THAT being said, that’s gotta mean she’s a close-minded Nazi bigot that voted for Donald Trump. I mean, the evidence is everywhere.

She should follow Tomi Lahren’s example of being “exceptionally skilled at toeing the line of silence.” Sound ridiculous? Just paralleling your use of Beyonce as an example of a “neutral” personality.

You know half of the country hates Beyonce, right? Did you know it’s because she came out as a BLACK supremacist by dressing as a Black Panther during the Super Bowl halftime show? Or, hell, maybe without her even doing anything, since she’s black I’ll just assume she supports the Black Panthers.

Sound racist? I agree. Similar to this foolish writer assuming Taylor Swift is a white supremacist simply because she’s “aggressively white.” This double standard is disgusting. Keeping an eye out for these subtle illogical double standards should be advised to all BuzzFeed readers, and anyone criticizing Taylor Swift of being a white supremacist, simply because she is doing what a lot more people should do these days: keeping her mouth shut. The girl can’t control her skin tone, but she can control which conversations she chooses to take part in, or stay out of altogether.

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