How to Talk to Family at Thanksgiving If You’re Right-Wing

Thanksgiving week is upon us. A recent article stated that at least 1 in 3 people are avoiding talk of politics with their relatives this week. For us nationalist and populist conservatives, this can be especially frustrating. At least, I know it’s been tough for me.

Last year, all I wanted on Thanksgiving was to take a giant victory lap after the election, especially with the smuggest of my relatives who supported Clinton. Alas, I was persuaded to restrain myself… after I made a relative very upset. Oh well.

You see, the Left and its sympathizers are part of a religious cult: the Cult of Progress, which rejects the reality of human nature and inequality. They simply don’t have any room in their imagination for the possibility that they aren’t the good guys in some gay story arc out of a typical Disney movie. So, we need to treat them like the sensitive children they are. That being said, it’s just not right that we don’t get to say anything, while they get to parade their bullshit without consequences.

So this year I think that it might be smart to be a little more subtle. Don’t attack on hot button issues. Don’t even mention the President’s name, which sends them spiraling into hyperventilation, tears, and panic. You don’t want to put up with that shit. Gross.

Go upstream a bit instead; present the problem, then say something like, “What I think they’re gonna have to do is this. I don’t see how else it’s avoidable.” See, you aren’t partisan and enjoying it. You’re just reluctantly informing your neighbor about the situation. It’s all matter of fact, you see.

But what you’re really doing is planting seeds of cognitive dissonance. Maybe it will make them go crazy, or maybe it will change their minds one day. Who knows? Who cares? That’s for them to figure out. It’s kinda like the movie “Inception.” Sure, you don’t get the joy of seeing them squirm, but at least you still win in the end. These are higher pleasures, friends. And it’s the more effective tack anyway.

Here are five things happening right now that reinforce our vision but which aren’t obviously partisan:

1) Iran

afghanistan iran cultural enrichment islam muslims 1979 iranian revolution
The cultural enrichment of Islam

Iran has been killing Americans for years and they’re running heroin from Afghanistan into the United States. This news has been made public a few times, but it’s in the news again. Also, it kinda seems like they’ve been helping North Korea with the development of their missile technology. What’s probably gonna have to happen is…the US will need to entirely block them out of Afghanistan, eliminate their presence in Syria, and put pressure on Hezbollah.

The viewpoint this information reinforces: Obama’s Iran Deal was an example of pathetic cowardice or anti-American malice. Also, Trump’s moves in the Middle East are wise and necessary.

2) Saudi Arabia

hillary saudi arabia donors puppet marching orders
Saudis explain marching orders to their puppet

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is purging the corrupt opposition in Saudi Arabia. Are his friends and allies also corrupt? Probably, but who gives a shit? Al-Waleed bin Talal is a friend of the Democrats and has donated countless millions to globalist causes. He controls American politicians and supplies dark money to their foundations, owns significant shares in Time Warner, Twitter, Citibank, and Fox News. Prominent Saudi Arabians also seem to have facilitated and funded 9/11.

MBS is also promoting moderation and giving women more freedoms and opportunities. Also, mention the MEOM megacity that had an advertisement for it that included women jogging in Athleta/LuluLemon-style workout gear in the park, not covered at all.

The viewpoint this information reinforces: The idea that the Clintons and friends are corrupt traitors. By contrast, Trump’s new friends in the Mideast are becoming secular due to his influence.

3) Mexican Gangs

ms-13 mexican drug cartel gang kill rape control
Motto of peaceful Mexican gang, MS-13

The Mexican cartels are moving into controlling politicians in Texas. To make you sound like you know what you’re talking about, here’s some trivia: Las Zetas is in Tamaulipas province, just south of Texas on the Gulf Coast, in northeastern Mexico. They’re known as the most brutal and fanatical murderers. Sinaloa Cartel, in the west, is also growing in influence in Texas. Then there’s the Gulf Cartel, which has influence there, too. Any more information than this is probably too much, so keep it brief.  Spanish is foreign and confusing.

Now, what’s the problem? Well, they’re compromising our democratic institutions through blackmail and terrorism. They are bringing heroin and other hard drugs into the country (which was originally taken out of Afghanistan by the Iranians, remember) that caused an estimated $504 billion dollars to the United States in 2015 alone. That’s a big number, no? They decapitate and dismember politicians in northern Mexico all the time. They’re bloodthirsty psychopaths.

What we’re probably gonna have to do about the problem is eventually send in the military to end this shit, since Mexico clearly doesn’t have a handle on it.

Whatever you do, DO NOT mention the Wall, ICE, illegal immigration, or demographics. That would ruin everything. Let them imagine possible solutions on their own. This entire talking point relies on not proposing any concrete solutions…heh…hem, no pun intended.

The viewpoint this information reinforces: Mexican immigration and open borders are bad news that require hard and no-nonsense solutions. This shit can never be normal in America, and it isn’t American.

4) The EU

angela merkel german flag globalist
European “leader”, showing what she really thinks of her country

Angela Merkel’s government is collapsing, but Poland and Austria have had nationalist parties elected. Maybe Germany is in for a similar future?

This one is low hanging fruit and doesn’t require much further information. What will be even better is if she doesn’t resign in the meantime.

The viewpoint this information reinforces: Large globalist projects like the EU and its immigration policies are destined to fail and the people who support them are incompetent. Globalists are guided by a type of cultic or utopian vision rather than by the kind of cool zeal for efficient governance that liberals like to pat themselves on the back for.

5) Hollywood Heroes

al franken sexual assault military trump
The man who called Trump a sexual predator

Anything related to sexual assault in Hollywood or with Franken. Mention that you’ve heard rumors that the Franken stuff is the tip of the iceberg. Mention that it’s weird that these guys are all such outspoken liberals. Don’t send the point home, though. Let the cognitive dissonance burn. This one is solid gold. Just mention it. Don’t editorialize at all. This one does all the work by itself.

The viewpoint this information reinforces: Liberals are shameless hypocrites and everything they whine about is the result of them being broken, jealous, resentful, deeply dishonest people who are disgusting and unwholesome.


I think that these five themes, if well employed, can get you a lot of mileage. You don’t risk being called an asshole but you get to plant little seeds of truth that challenge your lefty relatives’ worldview. It’s a restricted sense of satisfaction you’ll get, I suppose, but it’s better than nothing.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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