About Us

A long time ago, the West was won. For centuries, our ancestors protected it from attacking invaders, and did so successfully time and time again.

But somewhere along the way, the “attacking invaders” were no longer distinguishable enemies charging down the hill. The invaders became ideologies. Socialism. Communism. Marxism. Neo-conservatism. The invaders became political correctness. Social justice. Hurt feelings. Cyber-interspecies gay marriage.

As we watch Europe quickly erode into a mismanaged global food court, we can only hope the same doesn’t happen here in the U.S. But it can, and it will, if we do nothing.

Whether you’re registered as a Democrat, a Republican, or a birch tree, this site is for those who want to explore the reality of the situation at hand. We are losing the values that men and women have died to hold on to for hundreds of years. And for what?

So a transgender woman can pee standing up next to someone else’s daughter? So a jihadist feels more “at home” before he drives his van into a crowded square? So Meryl Streep doesn’t cry herself to sleep at night?

Give us a break. If progressivism is the answer, how come we’re moving backwards? We are in a monumental time in history. Best we get down to business.

We are pissed-off Millennials who are tired of watching from the sidelines as the home team gets destroyed. We are Based Americans.

Enjoy the site. Share with friends. Save the West.

The Nuclear Family
“Great news, Jimmy. Your sister is joining your Boy Scouts troop. Thanks to equality.”