Why Sean Hannity is Just Like Samwise Gamgee

Dear, Sean Hannity. Dear, Ben Shapiro. Dear, Matt Walsh. Dear, Tomi Lahren. Dear, Judge Jeanine. Dear, Tucker Carlson. Hell, dear, Clint Eastwood. Thank you. If you’ve seen The Lord of the Rings, it is hard to come up with a truer example of inspirational fortitude than Samwise Gamgee. Sure, Frodo is the main character, Gandalf… Read More Why Sean Hannity is Just Like Samwise Gamgee

Real Feminists Would Never Vote for Hillary

SO…this dead horse isn’t done being beaten apparently. Exactly one week from tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of President Donald Trump claiming his title of Commander in Chief with an inarguable win as far as electoral votes are concerned. (Yeah, yeah, we know. She won the popular vote…Not going there.) Just a week ago,… Read More Real Feminists Would Never Vote for Hillary

The Russian Boomerang Effect

Considering the Russia hysteria and constant wall-to-wall news propaganda, it seems necessary to hash out what is really happening. Why would the U.S. Congress place sanctions on Russia because of “election interference”? Why would they start an investigation? Is it based on any proof? Should we be worried about “muh democracy”? Who determined the Russians interfered? What the hell is going on? Is anybody listening to me?… Read More The Russian Boomerang Effect